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Blue Torch III

Incorporating the latest in materials and design, OTC DAIHEN’s exclusive, 3rd-generation welding torch, Blue Torch III, is the most versatile welding torch in the industry.  Heat-resistant, comfortable grip, easy-to-manage lead cable and multiple attachments to adapt to your most challenging welding conditions.

  • Cooler grip – Conventional torches suffer from heat transferred from the torch tip to the handle.  Blue Torch III reduces that transferred heat by 70%, resulting in a cooler grip and supporting a longer, more productive welding session!
  • “Easy-grip” handle – Ergonomics of the grip on our Blue Torch III have been significantly improved, requiring less grip pressure.  Better grip mean improved handling stability with less fatigue…delivering stable and effortless welding over longer periods of time!
  • Flexible lead cable – Improvement in materials and construction result in a 14% more flexible lead cable, requiring less effort to get the torch to the proper welding angle and attitude.
  • Quick-change attachments – The grip and trigger of our Blue Torch III are customize-able with 4 different sets of interchangeable handles and 2 types of interchangeable triggers that can be swapped, without tools, in seconds!
    • Grip options:
      • Standard – conventional, inline handle
      • Slim – small grip, inline handle
      • Safety – recessed trigger to protect against accidental activation
      • Pistol – vertical grip
    • Trigger options:
      • Standard – conventional, index finger contact
      • Extended – long trigger extending into the grip
Blue III BTA300 Blue III BT3510 Blue III BT4000 Blue III BT5000
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