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Need the highest degree of precision during robotic TIG arc welding? Upgrade your setup with DAIHEN’s FD-TR system, the leading edge real-time robotic tracking sensor used to maintain optimal welding conditions.

By measuring arc voltage during welding, the FD-TR arc sensor moves the torch vertically in order to maintain the best possible constant arc length. Feedback is relayed via the tungsten electrode in the torch.

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The FD-TR system is capable of real time tracking to compensate for defects in parts such as distortion, poor fit-up, loose fixtures, and more. Available for a wide range of plate thicknesses, 0.040″ (1.0mm) and greater.

  • Simple & Easy operation via dedicated menu in the Teach Pendant
  • No problem in TIG welding environments
  • High-reliability and versatility
  • Excellent for all plate thicknesses
  • Settings and controls in the Teaching Pendant are in a dedicated user-friendly menu
  • Simple configuration that can be connected to any type of OTC DAIHEN TIG machine
  • Stable and accurate tracking