Welbee P400L Inverter

A user friendly 400A machine that has recently added to the WB family.

Pulsed MAG / MIG and CO₂ / MAG / MIG Welding machines.

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Features and benefits

    • Reduces the number of beads attached to the base metal, reducing the time of slag removal.
    • Pulsed DC: By optimal waveform for each material we greatly reduce splatter.
    • Wave pulse mode: cycles through the welding current and wire feed spped to control de weld puddle.
    • DC TIG and DC Stick included.


Product Name Welbee Inverter P400L
Power Source Model WB P400L
Rated imput voltage V 400 (50/60hz)
Number of phases   3
Rated input kVA 20.1 (18.1kW)
Rated duty cycle % DC:60 PULSE:50
Rated output current A 400
Rated load voltage V 34
Output current range A 30 to 400
Output voltage range V 12 to 34
Maximun no-load voltage V 70
External dimensions (WxDxH) mm 395x710x640 (w/o eyebolts)
Mass kg 62
Power cable for torch side Model BKPDT-6002
Cable size mm2 60
Power cable for base metal side Model BKPDT-6002
Cable size mm2 60

Wire feeder Model CM-7403 CMV-7403 CMA-7403
Wire diameter *2 mm (0.8),0.9,1.0,
Wire type   Solid wire
Flux-cored wire
Solid wire
Flux-cored wire
Hard aluminum
Soft aluminum
Feeding rate m/ 22(maximun)
External dimensions (WxDxH) mm 254x611x393 254x611x393 285x723x393
Mass kg 14 14 15
Welding torch Model BT3510-30 BT3510V-30*1 BTA300-30
Rated current A 350


Wire diameter *2 mm (0.9),(1.0),1.2,(1.4) (0.9),(1.0),1.2,(1.4) (1.0),1.2,(1.6)
Duty cycle % 60 60 50
Cooling system   Air cooling Air cooling Air cooling
Cable lenght m 3,(4.5),(6) 3,(4.5),(6) 3

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