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Mr.Aizo Kobayashi, the founder of the Company, was among the first to adopt Ford’s mass production system for the production of transformers, and tried to offer high quality pole-mounted transformers at surprisingly low prices that the industry had never seen through the specialized mass production of transformers, which was revolutionary at that time. The founding spirit of “Superior Quality. Reasonable Price, and On-Time Delivery.” which was championed by the founder at the time of the establishment of the Company, has been passed on and upheld by the Company to date.

In 1985, DAIHEN was in the process of expanding its business by proactively entering into new business fields other than transformers, such as welding machines and robots. In that year, with the aim of achieving further business growth. DAIHEN changed its company name to “DAIHEN Corporation” and, at the same time, established the corporate philosophy of “Reliability and Creativity.” a basic standard of conduct that all employees are required to follow in their work. DAIHEN aims to achieve healthy growth and contribute to society by continuing to create new value while upholding the relationship of trust it has established with its stakeholders.

OTC DAIHEN, initially known as OTC America (Osaka Transformer Company), set up its first office in Charlotte, NC, in 1979. Originally a supplier of welding equipment for other transplant companies, OTC America soon became a leader in the Japanese automotive market as a provider of gas metal arc welding supplies.


In the late 1970’s, OTC Japan developed its first generation of dedicated arc welding robots. The first of these robots, THOR, launched in 1981. OTC America entered the robotic business in North America in 1983, and continued to refine automation welding with its ALMEGA line of robots. In 1985, OTC DAIHEN became the official OEM supplier of robots to Miller Electric Co.

In 1995, Miller announced its departure from the robotics business. In order to maintain the high volume of robots installed, as well as to continue selling to new users, OTC DAIHEN launched its Dynamic Robotic Division and moved its U.S. headquarters to Ohio.

The first robots sold in the United States with the OTC DAIHEN name utilized the Dynamic Robotics (DR) Controller. This was followed by release of the EX series in 2001, the AX series in 2003, the AII series in 2008 and the FD series (current models) in 2012.


In an effort to unify the direction of the company and improve communication, the Welding Power Supplies Division and the Dynamic Robotic Division of OTC DAIHEN Inc. combined in 2001. The company established its headquarters in the Dayton, Ohio area.

OTC DAIHEN has expanded by adding branch offices in Charlotte, NC; Atlanta, GA; Novi, MI; and Monterrey, Mexico. As we continue to grow, we are dedicated to serving customers by advancing our company mission: Meeting the Challenge.

  • 1919 OTC (Osaka Transformer Company) founded in Osaka, Japan
  • 1934 OTC begins producing welding power sources
  • 1979 OTC America established in Charlotte, NC
  • 1996 Dynamic Robotic Division established in Ohio
  • 2005 Regional service centers established in Atlanta, Michigan, Canada, Mexico
  • 2013 Daihen Inc, establishes office in Monterrey, México
  • 2015 Daihen Inc, establishes office in León, México
  • 2017 Daihen Mexico S.A. de C.V. establishes in México


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