The HD500 is an economical solution for the most demanding GMAW and Flux Cored arc welding applications.
Rated 500 Amp at 50% duty cycle (363 Amp at 100%) the “Heavy Duty” HD500 provides high quality welding performance from thin sheet metal to thick plate.

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Wire Diameter – Gas & Wire Type Switch
– Presets idea fixed conditions to ensure a good arc start, arc end, and spatter control Digital Amperage & Voltage Meters Crater Fill Function
– Adjust output to easily fill the crater at the weld end
– Controls initial condition when selected (internal dip switch)
– Provides cruise control Synergic (One-knob) Control
– Combines wire feed speed (Amperage) and arc voltage to easily go from thin sheet to thick plate welding by adjustingonly one knob – ideal for less experienced operators Penetration Control
– Delivers uniform penetration even when tip-to-work distance varies Gas Check Switch
– Activates gas flow to pre-set flow rate with no machine out-put to avoid wasting welding wire Warning Lamp (Error Detection)
– Fully illuminates or flickers depending upon error type
– Trouble shooting guide identifies errors

  • Ideal for use with mild steel and stainless steel wires – solid or flux cored
  • Very stable arc with 100% CO2 or Argon / CO2 mixtures on mild steel
  • Positive output terminals for high and low inductance helps minimize spatter in any output range
  • Built-in running gear with cylinder rack and steering handle
  • Standard 15 ft. remote pendant provides wire feed speed, arc voltage, and wire inching control at the work area
  • Pre-wired 7 ft. primary input power cable
  • Wire slow-down on / off switch for improved arc starts
  • On / off switch for Fan-on-demand for power saving or extended cooling
  • Light weight wire feeder with control circuits built-in the power source for durability




Number of phases 3
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Rated input voltage 230V : 460V
Input voltage range 207-253V : 414-506V
Rated input power 31.5kVA (28kW)
Rated input current 79.1A : 39.5A
Rated output current 500A
Rated load voltage 45V
Rated output current range 50-500A
Rated output voltage range 15-45V
Maximum no-load voltage 65V
Rated duty cycle 50%
Number of welding conditions
Operating temperature range 14º F to 104º F (-10 to +40º C)
Operating humidity range
Storage temperature range
Storage humidity range
Dimensions (W x D x H) 16.1″ x 26.0″ x 37.2″ (408mm x 660mm x 945mm)
Mass 364 lbs (165.0 kg)