The WELBEE WB-A350P is the ultimate TIG welding machine for both thin to thick plate welding applications. It includes variable AC frequency control that provides precise arc concentration, as well as controllable input heat.

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Key Features & Benefits

The WB-A350 AC/DC TIG welder is built around a dual-inverter architecture which enables support of our exclusive GTAW process: AC+DC Hybrid welding.  An ideal welding mode for aluminum, it combines the cleaning action of electrode-positive welding, with the deep-penetration and focus into the base metal of electrode-negative welding…all while maintaining the shape of the tungsten electrode.

Automation Ready
Fieldbus interfaces (EtherNet/IP and PROFIBUS), supporting simple conversion from manual welding to semi-automated and fully-automated applications.  This includes support for TIG fusion as well as wire-fed applications, including those where the wire feed is synchronized with the welding pulse output.  Of course, this includes simple connection to our FD-series of welding robots through our own, high-speed CANBUS communication network.

User-Friendly Interface
Easy operation via a simple interface that revolves around a single knob to adjust weld process parameters.  Large LED displays notify both settings and weld parameters.  Interface buttons can easily be pushed even while wearing welding gloves.

Other Key Features:

• Silent Pulse Function reduces arc noise, improving the
work environment.
• Improved welding support for thin plate aluminum via
High AC Frequency.
• New waveform control allows for very stable output
• Improved instant arc start ratio.
• 100 job memory for semi-automatic and retrofit use.




Input Voltage 460VAC +/- 10% / 3-phase
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Input Power (AC TIG) 12.9kVA (11.9kW)
Rated Input Current (AC TIG) 16.2A
Rated Load Voltage (AC/DC TIG) 24V
Rated Output Current Range (AC TIG) 5A~250A
Rated Input Power (DC TIG) 12.5kVA (11.0kW)
Rated Input Current (DC TIG) 16.3A
Rated Output Current Range (DC TIG) 2A~350A
Rated Duty Cycle 40% @ 350A / 60% @ 300A / 100% @ 270A