The new Welbee B-Arc technology from OTC DAIHEN, market leader in the welding industry.

Highly efficient welding system for heavy steel plates: B-Arc welding

  • The invented OTC DAIHEN proprietary buried arc welding technology whose wire is buried deep in the metal base, resulting in deeper penetration as deeper part of the metal base is heated.
  • One pass welding with a maximum thickness of 19 mm and reduction of the welding time by up to 80% (for butt welding plate thickness of 19 mm, welding length 1 m)
  • Drastic reduction of groove processing time – One pass welding leads to less groove processing, resulting in reduced processing costs.
  • Significant reduction in wire consumption, up to 70% due to reduced edge preparation space.
  • Stabilization of high current buried arc. Multilayer welding Applications: Users of thick plate welding for steel frames, bridges, ship building, plant pipes, etc..
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B-ARC Welding

Parameter Specification Remarks
Shield gas CO2 100% Reference flow rate: 30 L/min
Wire YGW11,18
Wire diameter (1.2), 1.4, (1.6)mm Packed wire oly
Base material Steel, 400 MPa yield strenght
Steel, 490 MPa yield strenght
Stainless steel, excluding gigh alloy and special steels
Join type Square, fillet
Work posture Downward
Edge type I, V, Y, bevel, double V, etc
Backing Steel, copper, ceramic
Plate thickness 6~35mm 19mmt max: single-layer thorough
19-35 mmt: front-back, double layer
Reference welding rate 30±10cm/min

Welding Power Supply

Parameter Specification
Model WB-DPS
Running method Dual parallel
Welding mode B-Arc, DC CO2
Rated imput voltage 200V/220V (common for 50/50 hz)
Number of phase 3-phase
Rated imput power Per power supply unit: 27.4 kVA (25.7 kW); Parallel run: 50.3 kVA (45.4 kW)
Rated duty cycle 100%
Rated output current range (parallel run) 650A
Rated output voltage range (parallel run) 55V
Rated output current (parallel run) 40~650A
Output current range (parallel run) 12~60V
Maximum no-load voltage 111V/123V
External dimensions W395xD710xH810mm, excluding eye bolts
Weight (per unit) 72kg

Wire feeder

Parameter Specification
Model Pull feeder: DF-PL / Push feerder: DF-DPS
Wire diameter (1.2), 1.4, (1.6) mm
Wire solid wire
Wire feeding range 70 m/min max
External dimensions W328xD297xH266 mm / W268xD646xH322mm
Weight 9 Kg / 19 Kg

Welding Torch

Parameter Specification
Model DTWH6500S
Wire diameter (1.2), 1.4, (1.6) mm
Rated current 650A
Duty cyle 100%
Type of cooling Liquid cooled
Weight 1 Kg