D12000 Air Cutting Plasma System

Capable of clean cutting nearly 2-inch carbon steel and aluminum alloys, the D-12000 is a safe and economical alternative to Oxy-fuel cutting.  It offers more unique, user-friendly features than any machine in its class.


The D-12000’s built-in water circulator provides very efficient cooling of the torch head, and circulates water directly inside the electrode for extended consumable life. Compressed air is used for cutting and cooling the torch, thereby eliminating the need for expensive gases.


Upon turning on the power source a self-diagnosis function takes place that will not allow the system to operate if an abnormal condition exist.  Indicator lamps
identify operational problems. Alarms will sound when unsafe conditions happen such as removing torch consumables with control power on.


Our patented “TORCH GUARD” feature monitors electrode consumption and indicates replacement time avoiding torch head damage from over use of the


The D-12000 can be setup for both semi-automatic (manual) use, as well as integrated with our FD, AII and ALMEGA AX Series Arc Welding Robots. (Integration to a robot requires an external interface supplied by OTC DAIHEN)


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  • Production cuts up to 2 inch thick material (including Aluminum)
  • Maximum cut up to 2-1/2 inch
  • Water cooled – 100% duty cycle
  • Built-in water circulator extends torch and consumable life
  • Faster, safer and more economical than oxy-fuel on 1″ carbon steel
  • Superior gouging capabilities
  • I/O receptacle for automated cutting
  • Built-in torch guard function (alarm indicates replacement time of tip and electrode)
  • Wide operation area (Up to 100 ft. torch option)
  • Advanced safety protection circuits
  • Fully variable output
  • Cruise control
  • Pulsed pilot arc start reduces electrode wear
  • Diagnostic indications for troubleshooting
  • Wheels provided for greater maneuverability




Number of phases 3
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Rated input voltage 230/460V
Input voltage range 230/460V ±10%
Rated input power 28.3kW
Rated input current
Rated output current 120A
Rated load voltage
Rated output current range 30 – 120A
Rated output voltage range
Maximum no-load voltage
Rated duty cycle 100%
Number of welding conditions
Operating temperature range
Operating humidity range
Storage temperature range
Storage humidity range
Dimensions (W x D x H) 17.8″ x 30.7″ x 32.4″ (453mm x 780mm x 823mm)
Mass 384 lbs. (174 kg)
Rated input power for DC TIG scratch start
Rated output current for DC TIG scratch start
Rated load voltage for DC TIG scratch start
Rated output current range for DC TIG scratch start
Rated duty cycle for DC TIG scratch start
Rated input power for DC STICK scratch start
Rated output current for DC STICK scratch start
Rated load voltage for DC STICK scratch start
Rated output current range for DC STICK scratch start